Business owners typically have a vision for their business but no workable plan for sustaining and growing it. Most business owners are so involved running day-to-day operations, they don’t take time to develop workable strategies and plans for resolving these issues.

Dr. Ewen offers a 4 hours sit down session with the business Key Personnel to Assess & Analyze the current business situation. It is an objective look at your business designed to provide you with a clear picture of:

1. Where your business is today

2. What will help you get to where you want to be tomorrow

3. What might hinder or impede your progress, and

4. What specific actions can be taken to address all these issues

Complimentary First Session (4 Hours)

By the end of the 4 hours session, Dr. Ewen will uncover the possible Strengths and Weaknesses in your business and propose range of Solutions for further action.

We focus on identifying opportunities for improvement in the following areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Customer Service
  • Business Operations
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    We welcome all Enquiries & Questions regarding how to improve your SME's Business. You are welcome to talk us and feel free to setup appointment with us for further discussion.

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